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MiWater - Mackay Regional Council

MiWater is an integrated solution to manage and analyse water supply and consumption across the entirety of a utility’s network. MiWater processes, interprets and integrates data received from Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) to give utilities control and oversight over their water infrastructure, from the largest networks down to individual services.

Product Demonstration:


Customer Management:

MiWater is the management hub for metered consumption for a Water Utility. An approved user can manage individual water connections to identify leaks and high consumption with high currency and high granularity. The system captures interactions made with the customer in relation to water consumption including functionality to report on network status and exceptions via map.

Network Management:

The District Metered Area (DMA) module within MiWater is able to fully manage the most complex of water networks in order to partition network segments for reporting and analytics. Using AMR data from all meters within the DMA, an hourly mass balance can be performed to identify non-revenue water through network leaks, as well as specific events such as short-term unmetered consumption. Reports within MiWater can utilise AMR data to highlight network pressure differentials, and reveal trends in customer behaviour based on season, property type and customer profile.

Customer Portal:

In Early 2015, a fully-featured customer web portal will be released to the public. This solution will permit property owners, tenants and real-estate agents to gain access to water consumption data in a secure, moderated environment. This solution will permit each user to configure and activate their own alerts for high consumption, high cost or leak detection and then to receive such alerts via SMS or email. Included with this web application will be cross-platform to be used on all smart devices.

Other Features:

  • Mobile data processing with field-hardened apps for Win 8 & Android
  • Management of Private Metered Networks (PMN)
  • High integration with Rates and Asset systems
  • Integratable with multiple data sources from AMI & SCADA
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics

Tyeware and MiWater

Tyeware's role in this project has delivered business systems consultancy, web development, mobile development, integration, data management and analysis, reporting and modelling. Tyeware is the sole developer of this solution for Mackay Regional Council.

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Product Brochure:
  • Manage and analyse water consumption across the entirety of your network
  • Alert you and your clients to potential leaks and high consumption
  • Improve the efficiency of your network
  • Empower community behavioural change
  • Shape and plan your future infrastructure
  • Strengthen client trust
  • Enable social engagement with the community on water conservation
  • Improve operational output
  • Increased environmental stewardship
History of MiWater:

The MiWater solution has been developed by Mackay Regional Council since 2011 in response to the challenge of managing the large quantity of data that was being generated from its AMR infrastructure. MiWater is now an integral part of MRC’s water management system, being used for over 32,000 residential and commercial water meters, for customer-specific services such as leak detection, as well as internal network management.


The MiWater solution is expected to be commercially available by early 2015.

MiWater is a solution of Mackay Regional Council.

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