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Tyeware provides consulting services to water utilities, irrigation schemes, Councils and other organisations in the area of IoT and Smart Water Metering. Tyeware has more than a decade of experience in the planning, management and implementation of smart water metering projects in Australia. Despite many shining examples in the water industry of significant financial savings, reduction in lost time injuries, improved environmental outcomes and increased water customers, smart water metering is still not considered normal practice by every water utility.

As Tyeware has consulted with both urban utilities and irrigation authorities, we have discovered that one deterrent to adopting smart metering has been the growing list of technologies, vendors, products and approaches has created client confusion and instilled a fear of "backing the wrong horse".

In response to this situation, Tyeware has prepared a White Paper to help provide a simple overview of smart water metering technology. The target audience for this whitepaper is not technologists or vendors, but decision makers, board members and water engineers within each water utility, irrigation authority or Council.

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